2019: what better year to start a mortgage revolution?

Technically, it’s probably a bit too late to wish you all a Happy New Year, but we’ll say it anyway!

Interest Rates

To long-term fix or not to long-term fix? That is the question

Following November’s rate rise, a number of articles ran urging people to consider long-term fixed rate mortgages, of 5, 7 or even 10 years. But while long-term fixes can be perfect for some, they can be a disaster for others.


Preparing for the Property Auction

Every so often when browsing property sites, you come across a great-looking place that’s advertised not for sale - but for auction.


Struggling with mortgage payments? 7 Tips to help you out

If you ever find yourself in a position where you can’t pay your monthly mortgage payment, don’t panic. If you act fast and sensibly you should be able to come up with an agreement with your lender and be back on your feet in no time.


Freedom for Mortgage Prisoners

"So-called ‘mortgage prisoners’, trapped on expensive deals and unable to switch to cheaper loans are a reflection of a dated lending environment"


The mortgage industry is on the brink of radical change

Dashly Founder Ross Boyd takes a look at the radical and irreversable changes overhauling the mortgage market today.


5 home renovations to make your property value skyrocket

Did you know that increasing the value of your home makes you eligible for a cheaper mortgage deal? Or that increasing the value of your home actually could shave up to 0.5% off your interest rate?


Your Holiday Rental Value: lessons from Netflix’s "Stay Here"

In the UK, the holiday rental market has increased by 3% in the last year, so if you’ve got a holiday home on which you're hoping to make a profit, read on...


A good handyman is hard to find...

You know the problems. The new dishwasher has been sitting in your living room for two days. Your garage door is stuck. And you can no longer ignore the porch paint peeling away in strips and chips.


The 3 most underrated places to buy a home in the UK

...and why you should consider moving there.


Got pets? How pets can impact your home...and your mortgage

In 2016, 40% of households in the UK reported owning a pet, meaning a significant part of the population has a furry friend trotting around on their carpets and on their lawn.


New homes being built rises by 15% (but what does that mean?)

Cilla Black might not be around to say it any more, but ‘Surprise Surprise!’... or rather, not. You guessed it, official housing data revealed once again this week that, thanks to decades of mismanagement by successive governments, the country still isn’t building enough homes.


Testing, Testing, Testing.

Dashly accepted into the 4th cohort of the FCA’s regulatory sandbox. Go Dashly!


House prices held in a supply/demand headlock

All the major house price indices agree on two main things: firstly, London has stalled after the stupendous price growth of recent years, and secondly, the sheer lack of supply means prices can only fall so far.