Why Mortgage Advisers Should ❤️ Dashly

So, the ads are cheesy. Yes. Did we create them to get your attention? Most certainly. But behind them is a real message. We do want to start a relationship, but not the kind with kisses and cuddles. The kind with big business and making money. Like the start of every young, blossoming relationship - someone has to make the first move. So here we are.

The perks of dating Dashly? Increasing your completions by doing absolutely nothing, not having to do the things you don’t want to, and keeping your clients engaged with ongoing, meaningful contact under your brand. 

Our tech is here to work with you and build a relationship with you, so you can build even better relationships with your clients. Simple as that. 

All sounds too good to be true? Let us go into more detail. 

How can you double my completions while I do nothing?

Simply put, Dashly’s tech monitors each one of your clients’ mortgages every day. It finds opportunities for them to save (even if they’re deep in a fixed-rate period) and you to earn. Our tech nurtures your existing leads and turns them into revenue streams, even if they’re inactive, while you do nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch.

Honestly, this won’t happen every day. But if you don’t look, you’ll never find these opportunities, and Dashly looks for you. If any of your clients are 90% 5-year fixed-rate first-time buyers or flexible mortgage for life clients, their rates or circumstances could change at any time, meaning they could qualify for a much better deal. Even if they don’t, by being proactive you can give your clients peace of mind in their financial lives, which will keep them coming back. And once everyone you speak to ends up with a Dashly Dashboard, your future business pipeline will be bursting. Lowering your cost of acquisition and increasing your conversion rates, and in turn, turbocharging your business’s profitability. 

That must take forever. It can’t be this simple. 

Change forever to moments, then you’re on the money. Onboarding your clients with Dashly is effortless. Dashly syncs with all popular CRM systems and you just have to import their details through a CSV format.

Sounds like you’re out to take my business.

Absolutely not. Dashly will, through the broker, always put the client first and does not replace the adviser. Dashly is all about maintaining the human interaction between adviser and client, which is important in building and maintaining a strong client relationship. 

And how does it work?
Using open banking, big data, and AI, Dashly tracks and compares each one of your client’s financial circumstances against the entire market every day to find them mortgage savings. For example, their mortgage balance, LTV band, earnings, outgoings, and credit score. Giving you more time to do the important stuff while we pick up the boring, repetitive tasks you hate. 

Dashly is always-on searching for the next best deal, and unlike many retention strategies, it doesn’t start 6 months from the client’s product expiry date. After all, what if a better product became available at a much earlier date? Would you want your client to be able to take advantage of it? Of course, you would. But what inhibits this is the ability to search every day, 7 days a week, for all of your clients. Dashly does all of this for you, taking into consideration up-to-date property values and mortgage balances, lending criteria, etc etc to empower you, the adviser, to talk to the client about the opportunity and whether the client opts to take advantage of the better deal will help to strengthen the client/broker relationship.

Another way of looking at it is to imagine you had the client’s mortgage being looked after by an investment fund. You would expect the fund manager to be reviewing your investment every day to ensure it is invested in the right way and maximising the returns based on the client’s priorities and needs. Dashly does the same for your clients and always via their adviser, really looking after your clients’ best interests. Dashly has, through the use of technology, created a broker-branded communication strategy that is bespoke for each one of your clients. The value of the adviser's mortgage book is based on the likelihood of repeat business, and Dashly can help you, the adviser, realise that value by improving client retention.

Dashly also helps nurture leads that are yet to sign and convert opportunities you may not have known existed. In essence, Dashly creates a bespoke adviser-branded contact strategy that will let you and the client know when it is time for you to do business. By keeping the adviser brand at the forefront of the client’s mind so when they are ready to do business, they think of you, the adviser first. Dashly works with you, powering away in the background, to nurture your leads into new clients, expand your business, and bring with it greater value.

All in all, Dashly’s core aim is to provide value to consumers, advisers, and lenders. We aim to make the market function better for everyone. To empower advisers and firms to use the technology Dashly has developed to grow their business, improve the value of hard-earned clients to their businesses, and make sure that homeowners are always on the right deal for them, and only them. 

To get in touch please contact: iain.swatton@dashly.com

If you're ready to partner, follow this link: https://tinyurl.com/2hmdwc96

If you'd like to find out more about Dashly, click here: https://dashly.com/partners/mortgage-advisers

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