Introducing, Salma Kalisvaart!

🔥 We're on hiring fire! 🔥 Welcoming our latest Dashly all-star, Salma Kalisvaart! Salma is our new COO, and with 17 years in the financial services industry, spanning investment banking, venture capital, private equity and European fintech - we couldn't be happier to bring her on board!

After an impressive 13 year stint at JPMorgan in its M&A and ECM divisions, Kalisvaart followed our chair, Mike Harris at Monument Partners, where she co-created the investment strategy to underpin a fintech-focussed venture fund. More recently she spearheaded an accelerated roll-up strategy for financial ecommerce companies at the private equity fund Aquiline Capital. She's joining us to help push our development even further, and help Dashly shoot for the stars!

Much of her career has been spent supporting the best entrepreneurs reach the ultimate pinnacle of listing their companies on the London Stock Exchange, partnering along the way to bring their organisations up to international best standards. Some of it has also been focussed on keeping companies afloat in their most troubled times, and she's played a huge role in helping people keep their jobs and livelihoods.

Read why she joined Dashly below!

Why she joined Dashly:

“For years, the financial services industry was not fit for purpose, but for consumers, fintech has been a game changer.

“Dashly’s admirable commitment to make the mortgage market work better for everyone involved, its bright and inclusive team, and potential to be highly scalable were immediate differentiators and is perfectly aligned with my passion for businesses with purpose, that seek to do good in the world.”

Happy to have you, Salma!

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