8,000+ bespoke combinations keep clients informed, engaged & reassured

With so much going on in the industry, how can you keep your clients constantly engaged with you, and offer them unprecedented personalised advice they won’t find anywhere else?

Our automated, hyper-personalised contact strategy provides your clients with monthly information about their mortgage and property that’s relevant to them, and only them. It's the ultimate retention tool that keeps you in regular contact with your customers.

Modular communication touchpoints are activated when they match a specific client’s criteria. If they remain on the right rate, it’ll reassure them. Updated property valuations, product expiry dates, rate changes? All covered, and more.

  • No two emails are ever the same

  • It keeps you relevant for the duration of a fixed rate

  • It encourages customers to keep their information up to date, all the time

  • It’s a continuation of your service, not another marketing email

  • And our emails boast industry leading open rates

So that’s engagement covered. Now let’s get to business.

If there’s a switching opportunity, it’ll alert them. Our pre-sourced savings alerts are proven to improve contact and conversion rates. Savings opportunities for them, business for you.

  • Pre-sourced deals from 100s of lenders

  • No marketing fluff. Just timely and relevant facts and figures approved by the FCA

  • SVRs and ERCs tracked for accurate savings

  • Automated alerts and reminders throughout the run up to every product expiry

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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