Shining bright in the spotlight: Salma.

Our COO, Salma Kalisvaart, had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at the Google Cloud UK FinTech Community Event on the 19th of May 2022.

Topics included the latest developments from the Google Cloud Engineering Team, exciting announcements from Google Cloud, upcoming Google products for the FinTech and FinServ sectors, security and startups, followed by a very valuable Q&A session.

Most importantly, Salma and executives from many prominent FinTech companies had the opportunity to share the stage to discuss their experiences of working with Google Cloud’s tech.

Salma says, “I was privileged to speak at Google’s FinTech Community Event 2022, kindly hosted by FinTech leaders Derek Freel and Adrian Poole. I shared stories and lessons learnt from working with Google with a highly accomplished panel of execs, including Lewis Tuff from, Dr Eloise Taysom from Bud, David Brear from 11:FS, Felipe Peñacoba Martinez from Revolut, Steven Newson from Starling Bank and Nick Fryer from Dojo. It was great to hear about the engineering team and how they are developing BigQuery, GCP, AI & ML and Security.”

We’re thrilled to be working with Google’s Fintech team, using their amazing tech to bring further AI advancements to the Dashly platform. And we’re looking forward to many more collaborations such as this.

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