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The value of your home.

Property values are ever-changing. Dashly’s algorithms work out the up-to-date value of your home as and when it changes, so you’re always in the know


Your outstanding mortgage balance

Dashly keeps track of the equity in your home. With every monthly payment you make, you could qualify for a cheaper deal. Dashly knows how much you have left to repay, and takes it into consideration 24/7 to see if you can get a better deal.


100 other factors

So much affects your mortgage, from your age, your length of employment, to new offices being built in your area. Dashly takes all these into account when searching for mortgage savings.


10,000 other mortgage products

Dashly challenges your deal against the WHOLE market. Dashly knows as and when any and all products are added and removed, and checks them instantly to see if you can save.

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