Dashly compares your mortgage every day. So you can enjoy savings forever.

Revolutionary simplicity for mortgages

Dashly scours the entire market every day, tracking hundreds of market factors and testing thousands of lender deals against your mortgage to deliver savings the moment they’re available.

So create an account. Scan a couple papers. Have a drink. And forget about us until we find you a personalised deal that makes your mortgage effortless.

Millions of calculations. Zero spam.

  1. 1.We analyse current market events and your personal circumstances to find unbiased deals daily
  2. 2.We never skimp on details. Make informed mortgage decisions with our research and numbers
  3. 3.Our mortgage timeline predicts the future of your mortgage - from the next 10 days to 10 years

With Dashly, switching is painless:

  1. 1.We review all the documents you sent us at the beginning of our relationship
  2. 2.Our experts lovingly endure stacks of tedious paperwork so you can live your life in peace
  3. 3.Your personal advisor helps you switch via our app -- you have access to the whole process, the whole time.

A simple overview
of your mortgage

Make your life easy with a crystal-clear overview of all the numbers that matter. From changing property values to your next payment date, everything is right there on one simple screen. Monitoring your mortgage has never been easier.

Compare mortgages
with confidence

With Dashly’s beautiful charts, mortgage comparison has never looked so good. Quickly identify how different features stack up and see exactly how much you can save - both month-by-month and across the lifespan of your mortgage agreement.

without a hitch

Changing your mortgage used to be a hassle. Dashly lays out your options with total clarity and sends your preferences to our qualified mortgage experts who can take care of everything for you. Track your application every step of the way right there in the app.


Important paperwork: it’s never there when you need it most. Dashly gives you one convenient place to store your mortgage documents, key dates, policy numbers and contact details. It’s secure, it’s smart and it will never get lost at the back of a drawer.

In the know
wherever you go

With great-looking apps for iOS and Android, it’s easy to manage your mortgage on the move. You used to think mortgages were complicated. Now you have the entire market in the palm of your hand.

Free forever, independent and totally secure

In case you’re wondering...
  • Dashly never uses hidden charges, aggravating advertisements, or crazed email campaigns to make money. Just unbiased value for our human friends.
  • Our expert team gets paid out of mortgage provider fees, keeping our promise of keeping out of your pocket
  • Our security rivals the world’s leading banks -- your mortgage is safe with us.
  • We’re authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
"I don’t know enough about mortgages to make confident decisions."

You won’t be. Dashly will never give away your data to third parties. And when we notify you of savings opportunities there is no obligation to switch. You are always in control.

"I don’t know enough about mortgages to make confident decisions."

Dashly simplifies the mortgage market – gathering all the data you need and explaining it in plain English with crystal-clear charts.

Set up Dashly once, conquer your mortgage forever.

Own a property? You need Dashly. Getting started is as simple as answering ten easy questions. You can be up and running within ten minutes! Alternatively upload photos of your paperwork and we can set up your account for you. What are you waiting for?

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