We thought, “Why shouldn’t mortgages be stress-free?”

We realised the mortgage market was over-complicated. Chaotic. Broken. There was no easy way to manage our mortgages, let alone compare and switch without mountains of paperwork and stress. So we asked ourselves...in this day and age, why shouldn’t managing mortgages be stress-free?

There was a need in the market for something that allowed mortgage holders to both forget their mortgages and prevent overpaying, and to help make informed mortgage decisions. Something that could expertly comb through the market, find a mortgage deal, and help switch when the deal was good enough to save money.

So we created Dashly to do the humanly impossible. Dashly makes millions of calculations daily, challenging your mortgage against market deals and complex factors, such as changing property values and early repayment charges.

We don’t like stress and we hate gimmicks. We thought you might be the same. That’s why Dashly is a comprehensive, start-to-finish, stress and gimmick-free mortgage tool.

We made Dashly to simplify our mortgage lives. And yours, too.

Dashly works for you, not the system.

  • Most mortgage comparison tools make lenders and advertisers money. We focus on saving you money.
  • Human brokers have to eat, sleep, and rest -- they can’t be on 24/7. But Dashly never sleeps -- by checking the mortgage market all day every day, Dashly can deliver your deal the moment it’s discovered.
  • Don’t pay for each step -- from sign-up to the start of switching your mortgage, Dashly is free. Simple. Smart.

Money We Help To Save

Monitoring the entire mortgage market 24/7