2023: Another rollercoaster? Or a smoother ride?

We think there’s a lot to look forward to in 2023. The market has started stabilising. And our data predicts a bumper year for remortgages. What else could 2023 possibly have in store for us? We asked our partner advisers from around the country for their thoughts on the year to come.

Lewis Shaw from Riverside Mortgages says he’s currently “doing almost nothing but trackers,” while Malcolm Davidson from UK Moneyman, says variable rate products are now “a conversation on most occasions, but everyone prefers fixed if they are low enough” (which, right now, they’re not).

Simon Redler at Prudell adds, “but we expect rates will settle down by mid-2023 and fixed rates will again become the most popular option.”

Richard Sunderland from Hardisty predicts “the Bank of England base rate to reach 4% and then fall later on in the year.”

James McGowan at Legacy Financial even adds a precise prediction on the end-of-year figure: “The base rate will drop to 1.75%.”

Sam Farmer, Nightingales Wealth Management, thinks “communicating better with our clients on topics of most importance and relevance” is a must for 2023.

Atul Patel from Principals says the question on everyone’s lips in the new year should be “how are advisers educating clients about green mortgages and EPC ratings/requirements, and the benefit of the latter?”

Andy Sewell says it’s important to “stay positive and talk the market up, not down.” He believes that this is “a sentiment that will drive the market.”

Finally, Rob White from Illustrious Financial Services advises his fellow advisers to “Prepare to be busy, have your systems in place, and focus on the remortgage market.”

Whatever happens, when you work with Dashly, you can rest assured that you’ll always be on top of things, so you can offer your customers the most up-to-date personalised advice they won’t find anywhere else.

Our 24/7 Mortgage Monitor tracks each of your customers’ mortgages and every change in the market, all the time. And its hyper-personalised FinComms Strategy keeps you constantly engaged with your customers.

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