The Money Group partners with Dashly

The Money Group already empowers advisers to set up and grow their own brand. Now, with their partnership with Dashly, they are giving their advisers another tool to use that will empower them even further: the Dashly platform, which searches for better deals for their clients around the clock, even in the middle of a fixed-rate period, offering their clients even more value and increasing their customer retention.

Dashly’s mission, as always, is to make the mortgage market work better for everyone involved. This customer-first ‘tech and touch’ approach means advisers can use Dashly’s specialist algorithms to find highly personalised products for clients’ unique circumstances.

Scott Thorpe, Director at the Money Group, said: "Establishing a partnership with a forward thinking, progressive firm like Dashly really was a no-brainer for us; it puts the clients’ needs first and anything that acts as a catalyst to get the market working better for those who matter the most will only ever be a positive, especially in the current climate.

Our ambition has always been to try and defrost the ‘status quo’ and the platform that has been developed by our partners at Dashly allows just that. This is about taking a very modern and client centric approach, supported by the old fashioned values of brokering.”

Ross Boyd, CEO of Dashly, stated: “This is further proof that Dashly makes the mortgage market work better for everyone involved. Borrowers are matched with the most suitable deals, and advisers can add genuine value to all client interactions. And now, with our newly-launched Lending Labs offering, lenders too can take advantage of Dashly by designing mortgage products that appeal to the kind of customers they want.”


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