5 home renovations to make your property value skyrocket

Did you know that increasing the value of your home makes you eligible for a cheaper mortgage deal? Or that increasing the value of your home actually could shave up to 0.5% off your interest rate?

If you’ve got some funds available  it can be a great idea to make some changes - big and small -to increase its value. Buyers are often looking for somewhere they can move into without doing a tonne of work, so touching up your property can really increase your home value.

Want to make the most of your sale - whether now,  or later? Here are some high-impact renovations that will help:

Change the windows

There are two things to take into account when changing the windows on your house: appearance and energy.

Appearance:  it’s important that your windows are attractive and easy on the eyes. This normally means buying high quality windows which complement the style of your house.

Energy: People are increasingly looking at energy ratings when they buy a new home, so if you can bring yours down the value of your house will increase. Replacing your old windows with new, energy-efficient casements can bump up your EPC rating and make your house more appealing to buyers.

Loft conversion Think about adding a loft conversion..it could +20%!

A loft conversion usually costs between £500 and £600 per metre squared but if you can carry it out tastefully you can add up to 20% of your home’s value to your current estimate!  It is ideal if you can get a good-sized bedroom and a bathroom up there. The great thing about a loft conversions are that they are often less expensive than an extension and a lot less disruptive - much of the work can be done from the outside.

Bathrooms and kitchen

Where do people spend the most time looking around a house? That’s right, the bathroom, and the kitchen. The kitchen and bathrooms are some of the most important factors when selling a house. Renovating these rooms before selling your house can add a lot to the value, especially because bathroom and kitchens can easily look old and outdated.

If you can’t afford to do a full redesign you can still go for cheap wins.

Replacing the sink taps and cupboard handles are good ways to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom appearance. A shabby shower head won’t impress anyone, so replace it with a good one - it is an inexpensive way to replace a drip with a real shower! Swapping out shower curtains with glass screens or doors tidies up the look of a bathroom instantly, and can make the space seem bigger.

In the kitchen, new countertops could modernise the space without having to do a complete overhaul.

Repaint your house (inside and out!)

Repainting the outside of your house can add valuable curb appeal. Consider the house as part of the street - you don’t want it to stand out like a sore thumb, so make sure the house has a fresh coat of paint in an attractive color.

Painting the inside make the house look more ‘finished’ as well, and will stop peeling paint from distracting potential buyers from more important features. Neutral colours are attractive and easy on the eyes, and no one will go home thinking “we’d have to repaint the crazy-colored walls before we moved in”.

*The golden rule when you’re selling a house: let the buyers imagine how they would live in the space. The closer to a clean slate, the better.

Garden makeover

Before you sell, make sure to give your garden a makeover. This goes for the front garden as well as the back  (if you have one). The garden is the first thing people will see when they approach your house. Tidying up your garden and getting some well-placed garden furniture will help people imagine spending a summer evening there. Basics like weeding and tidying up edges are a must, but things like lighting with small lamps and installing lights along a footpath can also go a long way.

Whatever you decide, it’s always worth weighing up the cost of the renovation with the amount it will add to the house price - there’s no point on spending through the nose on an extension if you won’t get the money back. If you’re looking to get more out of the value of your home find out how Dashly can help. Good luck, and happy renovating!

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