Welcome to Dashly’s new FinComms Strategy 2.0

Unprecedented times require one-of-a-kind solutions. Introducing Dashly’s FinComms Strategy 2.0, now more sophisticated and personalised than ever.

It smartly reimagines how email communication works. Say goodbye to generic communication created for mass mailing lists. These are not your “Happy birthday” or “Hooray it’s Friday” emails. Now you can communicate 1-on-1 with 100s of customers, all at once.

With our new FinComms Strategy 2.0, each of your clients will receive regular information and advice from you about their mortgage and property that’s specific to their circumstances and relevant to the constant changes in the market.

Once your customers are in our system, we’ll have their data. We’ll know the life stage of their mortgage. We’ll monitor how many mortgage products have been added and deleted, and how many times we've compared their mortgages against the market. And our FinComms Strategy 2.0 will communicate all of this all to them, automatically, if anything’s relevant to them.

Modular communication touchpoints are activated when they match a customer’s circumstances. If they remain on the right rate, it’ll reassure them. If there’s a switching opportunity, it’ll alert them. Updated property valuations, product expiry dates, rate changes? All covered, and more.

It’s AI-powered, all automated, and there are 8,000+ bespoke content combinations.

Plus, it’s not only personalised to them. It’ll be personalised to you, too. Your logo and brand colours will take pride of place, so every piece of bespoke advice they receive comes from you, and leads them directly back to you.

It’s the retention tool you need in 2023. And it will be ready to go by the end of 2022.

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