Introducing our newest partners: TED Mortgages & LB Mortgage Solutions

TED Mortgages and LB Mortgage Solutions are the latest firms in their areas to partner with Dashly

TED Mortgages in Wiltshire and Essex-based LB Mortgage Solutions are the latest firms to partner with always-on mortgage evaluation platform, Dashly. Most importantly, they saw Dashly as a vital solution to enhance their relationship with clients and assist them with complying with forthcoming FCA Consumer Duty Regulations.Dashly’s mission, as always, is to make the mortgage market work better for everyone involved. This customer-first ‘tech and touch’ approach means advisers and agents can use Dashly’s specialist algorithms to find highly personalised products for clients’ unique circumstances.

Tom Brennan, Director at TED Mortgages, said: “At TED, we always want to give our clients the best possible service but we know that, to beat our competitors, we need to embrace the technology that will give us the edge. Working with Dashly means we stay ahead of the curve in delivering the best possible mortgage service in Wiltshire. That’s why using the Dashly platform was a no-brainer.

We know we can always offer the best whole-of-market deals, and can retain our customers for a long time to come.”Andy Sewell, Director at LB Financial Solutions, commented: “We pride ourselves on providing our existing and new clients with a full suite of financial services, not just to satisfy an initial need, but to build a relationship for the future, constantly developing and improving their plans. Whilst historically we have reviewed mortgages at the natural point of an initial product ending,

Dashly allows us to now take that service to a whole new level. With its always-on systems checking if our client’s mortgages can be improved upon, Dashly does the heavy lifting for us, and our clients know they always get the very best rate available to them.”Ross Boyd, CEO of Dashly, stated: “This is further proof that Dashly makes the mortgage market work better for everyone involved. Borrowers are matched with the most suitable deals, and advisers can add genuine value to all client interactions. And now, with our newly-launched Lending Labs offering, lenders too can take advantage of Dashly by designing mortgage products that appeal to the kind of customers they want.”

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