OMS & Dashly announce collaborative integration

One Mortgage System (OMS), the seamless single-input enquiry to completion processing platform for advisers, has announced a collaborative integration with Dashly, the always-on mortgage monitor that tracks clients’ mortgages.

This will enable OMS users to benefit from the specialist algorithms in Dashly’s innovative mortgage monitor to find highly personalised products which match clients’ unique circumstances. This integration will combine data from both platforms to find the best product for the client, taking all fees and early repayment charges into account.

OMS is the only end-to-end CRM system which covers product areas such as residential, buy-to-let, second charge, equity release, bridging, commercial plus general insurance and protection. It has already integrated with many market-leading platforms including Submissions Brain, Iress, Twenty7Tec, iPipeline and Knowledge Bank - to provide users with best in class for product sourcing, protection sourcing and criteria searching.

Dashly’s mission, as always, is to make the UK mortgage market work better for everyone involved. This customer-first ‘tech and touch’ approach means advisers can use Dashly’s specialist algorithms to find highly personalised products for their clients’ unique circumstances, and increase their client retention and grow their business.

Like Dashly, One Mortgage System (OMS) has identified and implemented the latest tech and industry best practices to deliver innovative solutions for the UK mortgage market. Both OMS and Dashly believe that their collaboration ensures a best-of-breed solution that maximises opportunities and efficiency for advisers.

Neal Jannels, Managing Director of One Mortgage System (OMS), commented:

“This is a collaboration which arms OMS users with a best of breed solution that maximises opportunities and efficiencies for advisers, in addition to providing extra value for clients who can be sure they will always have access to the right product at the right time. It marks yet another exciting step in the evolution of the OMS platform and we are only just getting started.”

Ross Boyd, CEO of Dashly, added: 

“We’re very excited about an integration that will see OMS users being able to activate always-on monitoring at the touch of a button. It’s great to see two like-minded innovators working together to deliver solutions which can make a real impact for advisers and their clients. Long may this continue.”

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