If it’s not powered by Dashly, it’s not 24/7 Mortgage Monitoring.

Unprecedented times require one-of-a-kind solutions. Our 24/7 Mortgage Monitor is the ultimate retention strategy that tracks each of your clients’ mortgages and every change in the market, all the time.

It keeps you constantly engaged with your clients, and allows you to offer them personalised advice they won’t find anywhere else, before anyone else.

It’s AI-powered. It’s all automated. And it’s not only personalised to your customers, it’s personalised to your brand. Every piece of bespoke advice it serves them comes from you and leads them back to you.

What it is not:

  • Sending your customers emails to let them know the base rate went up ❎

  • Emailing them happy birthday messages ❎

  • Comparing today’s rate with the rate you sold them 2 years ago ❎

  • Phoning them if their deal ends in 6 months ❎


What it is:

  • Giving them continuous advice for the duration of their mortgage by re-sourcing and re-calculating possible savings every day ✅

  • Tracking their reducing balance and property value to give them real-time equity and LTV ✅

  • Providing hyper-personalised property insights and mortgage strategies using a contact strategy with 8,000+ bespoke content combinations ✅

If you’re not already onboard, speak to us about adding 24/7 Mortgage Monitoring your offering.

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