Is your data taking too much of your time?

“Everything is in my CRM.” “All my older customer files are still on paper.” “We tend to use Outlook.” “I think we’ve got X thousand customers.” These are also all real comments I regularly receive from advisers and it’s genuinely alarming to see how little some firms know about their existing customer bank.

You have a CRM system, you’re operating compliantly, you have a diary management system, all good, eh? Maybe, maybe not. Have you ever completed an audit on your data? Yes, yet another thing for you to try to do! What does an assessment of your data involve?

Areas you need to consider: 

Accuracy - Do you have the right customer details stored? And their most recent mortgage deals? The correct email address/phone number? How do you intend to contact them?

Completeness - Is all the data available? If a customer contacts you who’s concerned about their mortgage and the recent rate rises, do you know exactly when their current product expires? Can you easily access their ERCs? If you can't, how long will it take you? Do you present yourself in the best possible way to your customers?

Reliability - Do you have your customer data stored in different sources or systems? Does it all tally up correctly? Are you sure your customer’s date of birth, occupation, address, etc. are all stored correctly?

Relevance - Are you collecting data relevant to your customer and the advice you will give them? Are you missing data that could cost you revenue? For example, do you know the EPC rating for all of your portfolio landlord properties? Do you have up-to-date property valuations? Are you missing out on opportunities to talk to clients? What information do you not know that you don't know?

Timeliness - This is so important. If you advised a customer on a 5-year fixed deal three years ago, and you don’t intend to contact them for another 18 months, what are the chances that all the information you hold is accurate?

And, something else to consider, are you your customer’s exclusive provider of services? What about the aggregator they buy their car or home insurance from? Their lender? The underwriters of their GI, their life insurance provider, and any other countless interactions your customer may have? If these providers have better data, are they contacting your client too?

Finally, an inaccurate database or one that is difficult to access may well mean your business is less valuable than you think.

Our 24/7 Mortgage Monitor’s accurate, reliable data management, in cooperation with various leading CRM systems, ensures that all of these data concerns, and more importantly, your customers, are taken care of.

If you wish to know more about Dashly’s data handling capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Article by Peter Harte

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