Boost your income with Dashly

Speak to your clients more often and surprise them with money-saving switching opportunities they'd otherwise miss out on.

Advise more.
Earn more.

Dashly uses open banking, big data and machine learning to identify more opportunities for your clients to save — and you to earn.

And De-stress.

Alerting your clients to more switching opportunities won't just impress them, it will retain them. Happy clients means loyal clients.

Onboard clients.
At breakneck speed.

Onboarding your clients is effortless. Simply upload a CSV file, or input their key data manually. In minutes.

Your clients.
Your choice.

You get to see any switching opportunities before your clients — and can decide whether to alert and approach them.

Safe. Secure.

Dashly is authorised and monitored by the FCA. And its bank-level encryption keeps your clients' data safe and secure.

Partner with Dashly.

Partner with Dashly and be part of the future of of mortgage advice. Enrol with your FCA number today.

Switching. As you've never seen it before.

Dashly's tech continuously compares your clients' unique mortgage circumstances against the whole of the market. It sees switching opportunities no human could see.

Comparison. As you've never seen it before.

Once you, or your clients (you decide), have entered some basic personal, financial and mortgage data into Dashly, Dashly sets to work.

Dashly uses open banking, big data and machine learning tech to compare your clients' unique financial circumstances - e.g. mortgage balance, LTV band, earnings, outgoings and credit score - against the whole of the market. In real time. Each and every day.

Compare clients data deeply and everytime
House price
+ outgoings

Customer examples

Your client.
Your branding.
You in control.

Dashly exists to strengthen your brand, not replace it. And we give you all the tools to do just that. Effortlessly.

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