Dashly for Mortgage Brokers

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Adding Dashly is adding value. For everyone.
The UK mortgage market. It’s increasingly DIY and digital, but this doesn’t mean mortgage brokers are outdated. Add Dashly to your client packages for innovation in customer trust, engagement, and savings.

Daily testing and tracking means you and your clients are always ahead

We both want to save mortgage customers money. That’s why we test mortgage deals on the market 24/7, combing through all available products to find money-saving deals. The moment we find a deal we notify both you and the customer. Once they choose their product, you help them complete their switch.

Make mortgages engaging, transparent, and competitive for your customers

When you add Dashly to your list of offered services, you do three things:

  • 1) Increase the value of your advice by finding new opportunities for customer switches.
  • 2) Engage your customers by tracking and comparing new Dashly deals with them
  • 3) Make the mortgage market more transparent and competitive for your customers

The mortgage market is what we do every day. That’s why we know how to make it better

Intermediaries account for 75% of the mortgages written. We want to increase that number by providing a tool that connects brokers and customers. With your real-life experience and Dashly’s calculations, you can get your customer the right deal at the right time.

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