Say hello to our new Head of Intermediaries!

With over 30 years in the mortgage biz, Iain is a mortgage powerhouse. Having first experienced Dashly on the client side, he was so convinced he decided to join us! He's here to inform and educate new clients and brokerages on what Dashly’s all about, and get them on board to improve and expand the services they offer their clients exponentially.

Introducing a brand new Dashly All-Star: Iain Swatton! 

Ex 8 year Sales Director of Connells group, and with a whopping 21 years at Countrywide PLC with 14 of them being spent as Financial Services Director, Iain is a mortgage powerhouse. He’s here to inform new clients and brokerages all about what Dashly has to offer, and bring them onboard. Having been convinced to join us through interacting with our platform himself, he’s on-hand to help brokerages improve their business with our tech. 

Here’s what Iain had to say about Dashly and why he joined: 

"I became aware of Dashly in 2019 and was immediately impressed with the innovative way Dashly was putting the customer at the heart of their technology. By combining an ‘always on’ retention strategy Dashly has become a vital ingredient for any business serious about unlocking true value from their existing customers and has developed a tool that can be used to nurture new business opportunities. Having spent many years in mortgage services I wanted to be part of a business that was going to be able to add something extra and new to any business involved in mortgages. Dashly is definitely a business that not only understand the needs of the client but also of the firms that operate within it and has successfully combined the use of technology and human interaction."

And here’s his aims with the platform. 

"My aim is to empower brokers and firms to use the technology Dashly has developed to grow their business and to improve the value of hard-earned clients to their businesses. I strongly believe Dashly is a game-changer for many businesses who will be able to take advantage of technology that will enhance (but not threaten) their business and make them to be best in class and at the forefront of technology. As well as the technology enhancements Dashly brings, it definitely enables brokers and firms to maintain their own values and identity and realise the true value of their clients."

Happy to have you on board, Iain!

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