Add algorithms to your arsenal.

Dashly’s tech optimises and nurtures your existing leads so you can double your mortgage completions, and your profits in the process. Zero effort from you needed. Your expected revenue, exceeded.

How Dashly can empower you

  • 1. Automate your processes

    Have Dashly do the stuff you don’t want to do. Whether that’s trawling databases or monitoring back books, our tech’s up to the task.

  • 2. Nurture dormant leads

    While you work on your purchase business, Dashly turns your existing leads into revenue opportunities. You could double your completions by doing nothing.

  • 3. Only meaningful contact

    When your clients can save, we’ll let you know. Making every call you make, a call to action.

  • 4. Look the part

    Our slick monthly reports and better deal alerts were built to strengthen your brand, with your logo first and foremost.

  • 5. Give an extra service

    Leave your clients feeling taken care of, and safe in the knowledge that their mortgages are being looked after 24/7.

Protecting over £20BN of mortgages

Checking each deal daily

Exclusive commercials
for Paradigm members:

As a paradigm member, you've got exclusive access and commercials with Dashly to help give your business the ultimate advantage.

Completion fee example:

No upfront costs

£250,000 mortgage
Dashly’s 0.01% fee
on completion
*subject to T&Cs

Completion fee: 1bps