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Python Engineer

The Role

We are looking for a highly experienced Python & Kubernetes (microservices) Engineer to help us grow a skilled, multi-disciplinary team in London. This role is a hands-on position which provides the opportunity for growth over one or more projects.

You must be an experienced and exceptional Python & Kubernetes Software Engineer, who is also comfortable using a wide-range of additional technologies.

Our current technology stack, which runs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) also includes Terraform, Helm, GoLang, Istio, gRPC, Protocol buffers, Angular, Docker, microservices, Firebase and Postgres.

With an eye on our anticipated future of multiple full-stack development teams any Serverless, Azure, Node, Ionic and JavaScript expertise will be advantageous, as will any machine learning or BigData experience.

In this role, you will;

  • Be an exceptional, hands-on Python & Kubernetes coder who has a proven track-record of delivering high-quality, test-driven code.

  • Put CI/CD at the heart of delivery and have demonstrable experience in delivering multiple software updates daily into production.

  • Have used Terraform and Helm to automate environment and software delivery.

  • Be highly experienced in building and maintaining scalable microservice based platforms on cloud technologies using our core technology stack.

  • Ensure that products are protected by up-to date, E2E security technology.

  • Have an understanding or experience of feature flagging and A/B testing.

  • Help grow a high-quality, full-stack engineering team that embraces the most productive tools, technologies and processes.

  • Ensure that you and the team maintain delivery and customer focus.

  • Ensure the platform scales and demonstrates high technical and quality standards.


  • Have worked in a similar senior role previously and are comfortable being the technical go-to person.

  • Started your career as an engineer and have a developer background.

  • Have extensive experience in agile process management, CI/CD and evolving product/market fit through automated A/B feature testing feedback.

  • Work without ego and will be a role model in behaviour, inclusivity and cultural awareness for the team.

  • Show drive and ambition.

  • Ask the why question and don’t take things as granted.

  • Strive for innovation.

  • Are humble and have a good sense of humour.

Key Technology Skills:

  • Python

  • Kubernetes

  • Docker

  • Helm

  • Terraform

  • gRPC

  • Protocol buffers

  • Microservices

  • Postgres

  • Firebase

  • Automated testing

  • DevOps - CI/CD

  • In-depth agile experience

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • RESTful APIs & their management

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