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Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Dashly is looking for an independent Business Analyst who enjoys the informal, fast-paced startup environment with lots of freedom and responsibility, and with the following core skill set:

  • Understanding, definition and documentation of business processes & requirements

  • Independent and self-motivated approach to solving problems

  • Clear communication and excellent relationship building skills

Got you interested? Read more below:

What is Dashly?

Our mission is to give homeowners across the UK a better deal on their mortgage, saving them thousands of pounds each and every year. 

We’ve got an ambitious vision to create a suite of products that together will reshape the mortgage market for the good of all – borrowers, advisors, brokers and lenders. To do that, we’ve built a powerful mortgage search engine, data platform, together with web and mobile apps. Now it’s time for us to upgrade our platform to scale in line with our growth rate, and utilize our gained experience to design new data solutions that will help lenders to offer new, more efficient ways to design and distribute products. On top of that, we’re building tools that let advisors truly manage their customer relationships and empower them to improve the service they can offer their clients.

Who are we looking for?

You will become part of an empowered, highly skilled agile product development team. To contribute to the design and implementation of our software using agile and lean practices like MVP and value driven feature development. We constantly strive to improve our development process and we would expect you to actively contribute to our continuous improvement process.

You will be a key part of the engineering process, deriving detailed requirements from the product manager/owner and stakeholders, translating these into stories the engineering team can produce.

I’d be awesome if you had experience with all of the following, but we’re happy to work with you and teach you the things you need to know:

  • Responsibilities

    • Identify key problems and/or opportunities, making recommendations for business state changes (processes, business rules, people and data)

    • Identify, and work collaboratively with, a wide range of stakeholders impacted by proposed changes

    • Lead or support the elicitation, documentation, analysis and verification of requirements; ensuring the business impact has been fully investigated, and optimal solutions are chosen

    • Define the high-level scope of changes; including the functional features/capabilities to be delivered

    • Work with the engineering team to ensure stories meet the Definition of Ready for the team, clarifying requirements and engaging with stakeholders where necessary

    • Define acceptance criteria, and work with engineers to meet the product requirement before verifying the change as production ready

    • Manage any changes to requirements throughout the delivery process

    • Communicate about business changes effectively (written and verbal) at all level of the business, including external customers

  • Knowledge and experience

    • Worked within a software development environment as a Business Analyst, Technical Analyst, or Product Owner

    • Used agile/lean approaches to define minimum viable units of delivery

    • Demonstrable ability to successfully determine requirements and evolve them in to actionable work for technical, product or process-oriented solutions

    • Able to organise and facilitate workshops; to support change processes

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; able to interact professionally with a wide range of stakeholders (internal/external, technical/non-technical, and varying seniority)

    • Data analysis and interpretation; able to critically evaluate information gathered across multiple sources, identify trends and variances, and make recommendations to stakeholders

    • Process improvement; experience of process mapping and subsequent process improvement

    • Able to understand commercial drivers and customer impact of change; to support prioritisation decision-making based on added value

    • Personal and/or professional knowledge/experience of home buying processes, and financial services lending is desirable

    • speaking and writing in English, as you'll be using it on a daily basis

  • Behaviour and skills

    • High energy, enthusiasm, and passion for delivering awesome solutions

    • Self-motivated and resilient, this is a challenging role in an environment that demands fast-pace change, and occasional changes of direction 

    • Excellent interpersonal, relationship building and influencing skills

    • Open, clear, and direct communication style

What do we offer in return?

You'll be joining a dynamic startup environment. What does that mean? Well, if you're looking for corporate development plans organised into several weeks worth of work, outlined in project plans set in stone, with strictly defined assignments, lots of rules and processes and a do-as-you-re-told, don't-ask-questions attitude on top it all, you won't find any of that with us, sorry.

Instead, we're looking for independent mavericks, exceptional individuals, explorers and contributors who enjoy freedom and creativity in their work, and are willing to take initiative and responsibility for their assignments, or even whole portions of our technology stack.

Our core engineering values are:

  • Leadership and guidance works better than management and rules

  • People are more important than processes

  • Failure is a learning experience

  • Always act in the company's best interest

These values guide our leadership, our managers and our engineers all alike. We're building a team of individuals that strives for a common goal. A team where initiative, innovation and great ideas are welcomed and rewarded, where failing while trying to innovate is considered a success as long as we learn from it, and the only thing that's not allowed is passively sitting around, waiting for someone to tell you what you should be doing.

Okay, that was about enough with the buzzwords, let’s get down to specifics:

Employment type?

  • Contract, Full-Time

    • We’ll agree on a fixed sum which you’ll be invoicing us each month, guaranteeing you a consistent and predictable income

    • We expect you to work roughly 40 hours a week for us in exchange

    • The contract will have a 2-month termination period, guaranteeing stability and predictability for both parties

Contractor? Does that mean no holidays?

  • Absolutely NOT!

    • You’ll get 25 days of paid annual leave, on us!

    • We want you to take time off every now and then and recharge

Oh, cool, and what about hardware?

  • We’ll provide you with a laptop, either a Mac or a Dell, whichever you prefer

What’s the work environment at Dashly?

We’re building a relaxed, free working environment built on transparency, communication and mutual trust. As long as everyone’s happy with your performance and results, nobody is going to tell you what to do and how to organize your time.

  • Flexible working hours

    • Mandatory late morning daily stand-up

    • Expected general availability during working hours, especially morning and noon

    • But you can take a break anytime as long as you let your team members know in advance

    • You can choose when do you begin and when do you end your work day

  • Hybrid remote/office mode

    • If you want, you can stay fully remote

    • Or go to the office every day

    • And anything in-between, the choice is yours, really

We’ll still be happy to see you in person a few times a month, should the circumstances allow.

Office space available in Prague (Czechia), Brno (Czechia) and London (United Kingdom) for team meetings and get-togethers.

And what tools do you use?

When it comes to day-to-day operations and work organization, our teams use Google Workspace (Meet for online meetings), Slack for messaging, Github as our repository and Atlassian Cloud’s JIRA and Confluence for issue tracking and documentation. Oh, and we’re big on visual analysis, and we use Miro for boards and diagrams.

Anything else I should know?

Our business and product teams are located in the UK (GMT time zone), our creative, marketing and engineering teams are located in Central Europe (CET timezone, GMT+1).



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